An assignment operator to unpack vectors and lists

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zeallot is a package which includes an operator (written %<-%) that can perform multiple assignment and automatic destructuring of vectors and lists. In addition to this operator there are a handful of features which allow nesting variable names, skipping values, specifying default values, and collecting multiple values into a single variable. This talk introduces the audience to multiple assignment (including destructuring and unpacking assignment), the zeallot package, and walks the audience through a series of examples to help them get started with and get the most out of zeallot.

About the speaker

Nathan Teetor
Software Engineer,  ZevRoss Spatial Analysis

Nathan’s work focuses on R package and shiny application development. He is the author of the R package zeallot and enjoys teaching R as much as working with the language. Beyond muttering at an R console, Nate can be found improving his baking, stocking up on winter squash, drawing out the Breath of the Wild storyline, and awaiting the release of Doors of Stone.

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