How to Work with List Columns

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This webinar breaks down one of the most esoteric concepts in the tidyverse: list columns. The Tidyverse is based on tidy data, which is based on tables. Tables simplify data analysis by making data easy to use, just like Arabic numerals simplify math by making numbers easy to use. But you may not know that tables can make other things easy to use as well. You can use tables to store models, lists, and other tables in a list column. The table will store the products of your data analysis in an organized way, and you can manipulate the table with your familiar tidyverse tools. In this webinar, we will look at how you can make list columns and use them in your own work.

About the speaker

Garrett Grolemund
Data Scientist and Master Instructor, RStudio

Garrett is the Editor and Chief of the Shiny Development Center (, the official source of documentation, articles, and how-to examples for Shiny. He wrote the popular lubridate package and is the author of Hands On Programming with R and the upcoming book, R for Data Science, from O’Reilly Media. He holds a PhD in Statistics and specializes in Data Visualization.