Large scale machine learning using TensorFlow, BigQuery and CloudML Engine within RStudio



Deep Learning continues to be the state-of-the-art in machine learning, and Google has partnered with RStudio to make the field’s cutting-edge tools available to useRs. RStudio is now the preferred R environment for accessing terabytes of data in BigQuery, fitting models in TensorFlow and running machine learning models at scale with Cloud ML Engine. In this talk, Michael Quinn will be presenting the latest integrations between RStudio and Google Cloud Platform, showing how you can go from scratch to deep-learning in production, all within RStudio. He’ll do this with an end-to-end demo of building a machine learning model on a year’s worth of Google Analytics data.

About the speaker

Michael Quinn
Quantitative Analyst

Originally from Cheyenne, Wyoming, Michael holds a BA in Literature, an MSc in Stats and an MBA in Finance from the Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics and Strategic Research (aka KIMEP University). At work, Michael builds tools in R and other languages to empower other analysts to do amazing things. He is a contributor to the skimr package and likes spending his free time hiking, riding his bike and getting corrected by his three-year-old daughter.