Phrasing: Communicating data science through tweets, gifs, and classic misdirection

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Equal parts history and mystery, noted *data sciolist*, Mara Averick, will take you on a whirlwind tour through the lighter side of learning and communicating (data) science. From the 19th-century pages of *Science Gossip* to modern-day social media, you’ll find out how the nature of scientific communities has and *hasn’t* changed over the past 200 years, and discover how “learning out loud” can help you navigate an ever-increasing amount of information, or (at the very least) keep you entertained while so doing.

About the speaker

Mara Averick
Research Analyst at RStudio, Data Nerd

Mara (better known as @dataandme) is our tidyverse developer advocate. She got into R by way of a long-time obsession with the NBA and (fantasy) basketball. When not catering to the every whim of her dogs, she can be found: hunting down weird words; indulging her bibliomania; and/or quantifying, visualizing, and watching Archer.