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Webinars and videos are presented on a variety of subjects. We will cover packages, products (both Open Source & Commercial), have guest presenters, as well as general Q&A “Office Hour” recordings. All materials will be made available and at no cost. Be sure to check out our webinar and video archives. Our GitHub Webinar Repository for all webinars can be found at: https://github.com/rstudio/webinars.

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dplyr 0.7.0 is a major release including over 100 bug fixes and improvements. dplyr provides a “grammar” of data transformation, making it easy and elegant to solve the most common data manipulation challenges. dplyr supports multiple backends: as well as in-memory data frames, you can also use it with remote SQL databases. There are two big changes:

  • Improved tools for connecting to databases
  • Tidyeval, a new framework for programming with dplyr

In this webinar, you’ll learn about both of these big new features, and along the way you’ll see a bunch of smaller features, and learn about some other changes in the tidyverse.

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We’ve grouped our existing webinars into learning tracks that can help you expand your Data Science skills.

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