Enabling Remote Data Science Teams

Data science teams face a challenging task: To gain insight from data, and persuade others to make decisions based on those insights.

Enabling Remote Data Science Teams

July 28, 2020

Whatever happens in the coming months, remote work is here to stay. The goal of this webinar is to provide data scientists and data science team leaders with the knowledge and tools to succeed as a distributed team. Some of the topics we will cover include:

  • Setting up a remote and collaborative R environment
  • Version control and Scrum
  • Using Shiny and RStudio Connect to share apps within and across teams
  • How to improve the UI and appearance of Shiny dashboards
  • How to scale Shiny dashboards to hundreds of users
  • How to build and grow a remote data science team

About the speakers

Alex Gold

Alex is a Solutions Engineer at RStudio, where he helps organizations succeed using R and RStudio products. Before coming to RStudio, Alex was a data scientist and worked on economic policy research, political campaigns, and federal consulting.

Olga Mierzwa-Sulima

Olga is experienced in production applications of analytical solutions, especially for FMCG companies. Recently she developed a price elasticity model for Unilever.

Damian Rodziewicz

Damian is one of the four co-founders of Appsilon. Before founding Appsilon he worked at Accenture, UBS, Microsoft and Domino Data Lab.

Pedro Silva

R/Shiny Developer at Appsilon

Pedro has worked in many technologies over the years and has an extensive background in web, developing both websites and applications. In his free time he is both an Open Source enthusiast and a practitioner of the JavaScript dark arts. See Pedro on RStudio Community