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January ’17 Tips and Tricks

by Sean Lopp This month's collection of Tips and Tricks comes from an excellent talk given at the 2017 RStudio::Conf in Orlando by RStudio Software Engineer Kevin Ushey. The slides from his talk are embedded below and cover features from autocompletion to R Markdown shortcuts. Use the left and right arrow keys to change slides. [...]

Introducing sparklyr to the Madrid R User Group

by Carlos Ortega In the last meeting of 2016, the 40th in Madrid’s R Users Group five-year history, we had the opportunity to listen (via Skype) to a very interesting talk by Javier Luraschi, the main author of the package sparklyr. In our previous meeting, a colleague of the Community (José Luis Cañadas) made a [...]

Interview with Joe Cheng

by Joseph Rickert Recently, I had the opportunity to interview RStudio’s Joe Cheng. Joe, the inventor and lead developer for Shiny, was the first person that J.J. Allaire invited to join the RStudio IDE project. We talked about those early days, how Shiny got started, Joe’s background as a software developer, his take on the [...]

December ’16 RStudio Tips and Tricks

by Sean Lopp Here is this month’s collection of RStudio Tips and Tricks. Thank you to those who responded to last month’s post; many of your tips are included below! Be sure to subscribe to @rstudiotips on Twitter for more. This month’s tips fall into two categories: Keyboard Shortcuts and Easier R Markdown Keyboard Shortcuts [...]

RStudio IDE Easy Tricks You Might’ve Missed

by Sean Lopp The RStudio IDE reached version 1.0 this month. The IDE has come a long way since the initial release 5 and a half years ago. Many major features have been built: projects, package building tools, notebooks. During that same period, often hidden in the shadows, a growing list of smaller features has [...]

Interview with J.J. Allaire

by Joseph Rickert Welcome to "R Views", the new R Community blog from RStudio. For this first post, I sat down with J.J. Allaire, RStudio's founder and CEO, to discuss RStudio's history, its mission and JJ's vision for its future. In a short time, we touched on a wide range of subjects including RStudio's business, [...]

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