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More January Package Picks

by Joseph Rickert In a recent post, I highlighted several new packages that arrived on CRAN in January that provided R users with access to data. In this post, I present additional selections for interesting January packages, organized into the categories Miscellaneous, Machine Learning, Statistics and Utilities. Miscellaneous rcss v1.2: Provides functions for Solving Control [...]

January New Data Packages

by Joseph Rickert As forecast, the number of R packages hosted on CRAN exceeded 10,000 in January. Dirk Eddelbuettel, who tracks what's happening on CRAN with his CRANberries site, called hurricaneexposure the 10,000th package in a tweet on January 27th. hurricaneexposure was one of two hundred and six new packages that arrived on CRAN in [...]

December 2016 Package Picks

by Joseph Rickert Last month, 217 new packages were submitted to CRAN. By my count this was the highest monthly value recorded for the past nine years. Below, are brief descriptions of fifty-two of these new-for-December packages grouped into six categories: Data, Data Science, Financial Analysis, Statistics, Utilities and Visualizations. The Financial Analysis category is [...]

10,000 CRAN Packages

by Joseph Rickert The R package system continues to expand as the number of packages on CRAN is about to blow through the 10,000 mark sometime soon. This is astonishing! Not only are new packages arriving at a rate of about 190 per month, but CRAN itself continues to tick along like a well-oiled machine, [...]

November Package Picks

by Joseph Rickert November was a prolific month for R developers: 189 new packages landed in CRAN. I have selected more than a quarter of them for this post, but I haven’t listed everything that is worth a look. My November 2016 picks are organized into four categories: Biotech (4 picks), Data (6 picks), Machine [...]

Missing Values, Data Science and R

by Joseph Rickert One great advantages of working in R is the quantity and sophistication of the statistical functions and techniques available. For example, R’s quantile() function allows you to select one of the nine different methods for computing quantiles. Who would have thought there could be so many ways to do something that seems [...]

October Package Picks

by Joseph Rickert In my August Package Picks post, I explained that my selection criteria favor packages with vignettes. (I find skimming through a package’s vignettes to be an effective method of “grokking” what a package is all about.) I also questioned why a person would go to all of the trouble to develop a [...]

Naive Bayes: A Generative Model and Big Data Classifier

by Joseph Rickert I found my way into data science and machine learning relatively late in my career. When I began reading papers on supervised learning I was delighted to find that good old logistic regression was considered a “go to” classifier. This was like learning that an old friend was admired for an achievement [...]

Book Review: Computer Age Statistical Inference

by Joseph Rickert Computer Age Statistical Inference: Algorithms, Evidence and Data Science by Bradley Efron and Trevor Hastie is a brilliant read. If you are only ever going to buy one statistics book, or if you are thinking of updating your library and retiring a dozen or so dusty stats texts, this book would be [...]

September Package Picks

by Joseph Rickert September was a bit of a slow month for new R packages. Only 96 new packages showed up un CRAN. Nevertheless, I have picked out 23 for special mention which I have listed in 5 categories. I used the same selection criteria as I described in the post for August picks. Data [...]

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