R Markdown for the Enterprise

by Edgar Ruiz In the corporate world, spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations still dominate as the tools used for analyzing and sharing information. So, it is not at all surprising that even when business analysts use R for the analytical heavy lifting, they frequently revert to using spreadsheets and slide decks to share their results. This [...]

R for Enterprise: How to Scale Your Analytics Using R

by Sean Lopp At RStudio, we work with many companies interested in scaling R. They typically want to know: How can R scale for big data or big computation? How can R scale for a growing team of data scientists? This post provides a framework for answering both questions. Scaling R for Big Data or [...]

Make R a Legitimate Part of Your Organization

by Nathan Stephens How R Enters Through the Back Door In many organizations, R enters through the back door when analysts download the free software and install it on their local workstations Jamie has been an avid R programmer since college. When she takes a new job at a large corporation, she finds that she [...]

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