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Some Random Weekend Reading

by Joseph Rickert Few of us have enough time to read, and most of us already have depressingly deep stacks of material that we would like to get through. However, sometimes a random encounter with something interesting is all that it takes to regenerate enthusiasm. Just in case you are not going to get to [...]

February 2017 New Package Picks

by Joseph Rickert One hundred and forty-five new packages were added to CRAN in February. Here are 47 interesting packages organized into five categories; Biostatistics, Data, Data Science, Statistics and Utilities. Biostatistics BaTFLED3D v0.1.7: Implements a machine learning algorithm to make predictions and determine interactions in data that varies along three independent modes. It was [...]

Quandl and Forecasting

A Reproducible Finance with R Post by Jonathan Regenstein Welcome to another installment of Reproducible Finance with R. Today we are going to shift focus in recognition of the fact that there's more to Finance than stock prices, and there's more to data download than quantmod/getSymbols. In this post, we will explore commodity prices using [...]

Why I love R Notebooks

by Nathan Stephens Note: R Notebooks requires RStudio Version 1.0 or later I’m a big fan of the R console. During my early years with R, that’s all I had, so I got very comfortable with pasting my code into the console. Since then I’ve used many code editors for R, but they all followed [...]

Madrid R User Group, A Brief History

by Carlos Ortega (Editors note: A Spanish verison of the post follows the English text) In the first meeting we were 5, now we are consistently over 60. It was not difficult for us to start up the group of users of R of Madrid. Gregorio Serrano, Carlos Gil Bellosta, Pedro Concejero and I started [...]

Reproducible Finance with R: Interactive Maps and ETF Analysis

by Jonathan Regenstein In this post, I'll describe a Shiny app to support the Emerging Markets ETF Country Exposure analysis developed in a previous post I have done some additional work and updated the analysis to include five ETFs in the app, whereas we originally imported data on 1 ETF. The new notebook is available [...]

February ’17 Tips and Tricks

by Sean Lopp If you spend time with an excellent programmer, one thing that immediately jumps out is how quickly she can write code. It often appears to be magic, the number of keystrokes simply can't equal the number of characters on the screen. The secret: it doesn't! Most programmers use a series of tricks [...]

The R Formula Method: The Bad Parts

R's model formula infrastructure was discussed in my previous post. Despite the elegance and convenience of the formula method, there are some aspects that are limiting. Limitations to Extensibility The model formula interface does have some limitations: It can be kludgy with many operations on many variables (e.g., log transforming 50 variables via a formula [...]

More January Package Picks

by Joseph Rickert In a recent post, I highlighted several new packages that arrived on CRAN in January that provided R users with access to data. In this post, I present additional selections for interesting January packages, organized into the categories Miscellaneous, Machine Learning, Statistics and Utilities. Miscellaneous rcss v1.2: Provides functions for Solving Control [...]

How to Teach R: Common mistakes

  by Garrett Grolemund Would you like to teach people to use R? If so, I would like to jump-start your efforts. I'm one half of RStudio's education team, and I've taught thousands of people to use R, usually in face-to-face workshops. Over time, I've come to appreciate that teaching R in a short workshop [...]

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