Combine RStudio's professional products with the power of Amazon SageMaker

Amazon SageMaker is a fully-managed service providing data scientists with the ability to build, train, and deploy machine learning (ML) and deep learning models.

With RStudio on Amazon SageMaker, data scientists can:

  • Access the RStudio IDE from anywhere via a web browser to analyze your organization's data stored in AWS--using all of SageMaker’s capabilities
  • Enhance your productivity, using the RStudio tools you know and love in your SageMaker environment
  • Get the power you need by easily scaling your compute and RAM resources as needed

RStudio on Amazon SageMaker requires a paid RStudio Workbench Standard or Enterprise license.

Current RStudio Workbench customers can bring their existing licenses to SageMaker. Contact your Customer Success representative to learn more.

Multiple R and Python Sessions

Run multiple R and Python analyses in parallel by opening new sessions or as local background jobs. View Python data, publish and knit in Python and share objects with R via reticulate. Author and edit Python code with AWS SageMaker Notebooks and access data and other artifacts between RStudio and SageMaker notebooks.

Scale as Your Organization Grows

AWS SageMaker handles load balancing and the creation of new nodes and servers, and is designed for high availability with no maintenance window or scheduled downtimes.

Admin Dashboard

Simplified setup and monitoring for active sessions and CPU and memory utilization. Suspend, forcibly terminate, or assume control of any active session and review historical usage and server logs, which are collected into AWS Cloudwatch.

Enhanced Security

Utilize existing Identity and Access Management (IAM) with AWS SageMaker. Administrators can use IAM to specify who has access to what, who can perform actions on what resources, and under what conditions.

Share your insights with RStudio Connect

By combining RStudio on SageMaker with RStudio Connect, data scientists can easily share their R and Python insights with their decision-makers. Connect supports a spectrum of data products, static or dynamic, developed in R and Python: Dashboards, applications, APIs, reports, and more.

"RStudio is excited to collaborate with the Amazon SageMaker team on this release as they make it easier for organizations to move their open-source data science workloads to the cloud. We are committed to helping our joint customers use our commercial offerings to bring their production workloads to Amazon’s SageMaker, and to further collaborations with the Amazon SageMaker team."

Tareef Kawaf
President, RStudio PBC

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