RStudio Customer Success Resources

We appreciate your organization’s decision to support RStudio’s work by purchasing one or more of our enterprise professional products, including RStudio Server Pro, RStudio Connect and/or RStudio Shiny Server Pro.

This page provides information about the people, programs, and materials dedicated to improving your experience with RStudio. We encourage you to bookmark the link in your browser and share it with your colleagues, including those who use, implement, support, administer or who are involved in purchasing RStudio professional products. There’s something here for everyone!


Contact your designated customer success representative to discuss your organization’s agreement with RStudio, your use of RStudio professional products, the latest news from RStudio, improvements to RStudio’s comprehensive tool chain for R, and pricing.

Contact customer support for help installing and administering RStudio professional products.

Contact accounts receivable at RStudio to send payment or for questions about invoices and payment processes.



Data Scientists
Learn more about R for Data Science and RStudio

R Admins
Learn more about administering your RStudio servers

Purchasing and Contracts Professionals
Learn more about doing business with RStudio

Videos for you

Team Productivity


Reproducible Reporting


Introducing flexdashboards


Connect with Customer Sucess

We’d like to offer the book R for Data Science by Hadley Wickham and Garrett Grolemund to the first 3 people that submit this form.