Business Communication


Advocate for Data Science at Your Organization

April 19, 2022 |

We are excited to introduce, a website with resources and best practices for making the case for data science at your organization.


How do you use Shiny to communicate to 8 million people?

September 14, 2021 |

Georgia Institute of Technology faculty, scientists, GIS specialists, and graduate students share their experience launching a Shiny application that was used by over 8 million people around the world.


Democratizing Data with R, Python, and Slack

August 10, 2021 |

In connection with R, Python, Slack and RStudio Connect, CM Group built a system that serves custom, individualized insights directly to stakeholders, at the right time, where work already happens.


Building Effective Data Science Teams: Answering Your Questions

June 10, 2021 |

From establishing your first data science team, to growing your team, and stepping into leadership roles, check out the Q&A from the Building Effective Data Science Teams webinar audience questions


Building Effective Data Science Teams

June 3, 2021 |

Last month’s webinar featured data science leaders from Caliber Home Loans, The Looma Project, Saturn Cloud, T-Mobile, and Warner Music Group to start to answer the question, "What does it take to build a successful data science team?"