Building Code Movies With flipbookr

November 8, 2021 |

This post introduces flipbookr, a package that creates flipbooks, or "code movies", from code. Flipbooks show how incremental additions in code pipelines change the output, helping audiences digest what is happening in each step.


plumber 1.1.0

March 29, 2021 |

{plumber} v1.1.0 is now on CRAN! In this post, we'll highlight some of the most exciting new features in both the v1.1.0 and v1.0.0 releases, including: parallel endpoint execution, a tidy interface, and request body parsing


Why Package & Environment Management is Critical for Serious Data Science

August 20, 2020 |

The renv package helps create reproducible project environments that are critical for data science teams to deliver real, lasting value.


sparklyr 1.3: Higher-order Functions, Avro and Custom Serializers

July 16, 2020 |

Sparklyr 1.3 is now available, featuring integration of Spark higher-order functions, and data import/export in Avro and in user-defined serialization formats.


pins 0.3.0: Azure, GCloud and S3

November 28, 2019 |

New CRAN release for pins adds support for cloud boards (Azure, Google Cloud and S3), new functions, use cases and many other improvements.


Keras for R

September 5, 2017 |


leaflet 1.1.0

February 22, 2017 |


xml2 1.1.1

January 24, 2017 |