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RStudio and Novartis – PAGE Workshop

The PAGE meeting takes place in an informal atmosphere with vivid scientific discussion. PAGE 2019 will be held at the Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre (2 minutes walk from Stockholm Central train station, 20 minutes by train from Stockholm (Arlanda) airport). The meeting starts with a welcome reception at the Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre on Tuesday evening 11 June. The scientific programme will start on Wednesday morning 12 June and will end at noon on Friday 14 June. Participants are encouraged to attend all conference days and present their work in the form of an oral presentation or poster.

User Interface Development & Deployment Options for Shiny Pharmacometric Applications

RStudio will be presenting an overview of Shiny, R Markdown and HTML Widgets. This is a great opportunity to learn and get inspired about new capabilities for creating compelling analyses with applications in drug development. No prior knowledge of R, RStudio or Shiny is needed. This short course will provide a hands-on introduction to flexible and powerful tools for statistical analysis, reproducible research, and interactive visualizations. For the workshop attendees, we will be providing a free RStudio training instance to use in case participants cannot install software on their laptops.

Workshop Time: Monday, June 10th 8AM to 1PM.

Workshop Location: The workshop will be near the PAGE 2019 meeting (Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre, Stockholm, Sweden).

Materials Provided: Course slides, data, and code for all examples, online access to a cloud-based compute server on which the software used in the course is installed

Workshop Fee: This half day course is free however there are only 30 seats available – first come first served.

Registration: This is a pre-meeting workshop that requires registering for the PAGE 2019 meeting. Please register ASAP in view of the limited course capacity.

Course Instructor

Phil Bowsher
Phil BowsherDirector of Life Sciences & Healthcare
Phil is a Data Scientist with over 10 years experience implementing analytical programs, specializing in interactive web application initiatives and reporting needs for life science companies. He is proficient in SAS, JMP, SPSS, R, Python, Java, SQL and various web technologies and open source software packages.

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