Allison Horst

Allison Horst PhD teaches data analysis, statistics, and presentation skills at the Bren School of Environmental Science and Management (UC Santa Barbara). In addition to courses, she leads interdepartmental R/RStudio workshops for incoming graduate students, created and teaches an online R-refresher workshops for alumni, and is a co-founder of R-Ladies Santa Barbara. In 2018 she earned the student-selected Distinguished Teaching Award at the Bren School, and in 2019 was awarded the campus-wide Distinguished Teaching Award by the UCSB Academic Senate. For her graduate research, Allison studied toxicity of engineered nanoparticles in environmental microorganisms. She is also a landscape painter, illustrator and designer.

rstudio::global 2021

Art Lessons: One Year as RStudio’s Artist-in-Residence

January 21, 2021

Art can be a welcoming bridge for learners and users to engage with and learn tools and skills in R.