Brian Deitte


RStudio Professional Drivers 2021.10.0

October 26, 2021

Announcing the 2021.10.0 release of the RStudio Professional Drivers, with single sign-on (SSO) for Hive and Impala.


RStudio Package Manager 2021.09.0 - Capturing and Maintaining Working Repositories

September 22, 2021

This release adds new management, service, and configuration options to RStudio Package Manager. Highlights include a more versatile repository calendar, more flexibility in serving multiple binary package versions, and more options for configuring git sources.


RStudio Professional Drivers 1.8.0

June 28, 2021

Announcing the 1.8.0 release of the RStudio Professional Drivers, with a fully supported Snowflake driver, a more compatible NTLMv2 support for the Microsoft SQLServer driver, and other updated drivers.