Colin Fay

Colin FAY works at ThinkR, a french agency focused on everything R-related. During the day, he helps companies to take full advantage of the power of R, by providing training (from beginner to expert), tools (packages, shiny apps…) and infrastructure. His main areas of expertise are data & software engineering, web applications, and R in production. During the night, Colin is also a hyperactive open source developer and an open data advocate. He is also active in the Data Science community in France, especially in his home town Rennes, where he founded the data-blogging website, co-founded the Breizh Data Club association, and organises the Breizh Data Club Meetups.

rstudio::conf 2020

Production-grade Shiny Apps with golem

January 30, 2020

Shiny is an amazing tool when it comes to creating web applications with R. Almost anybody can get a small Shiny App in a matter of minutes, provided they have a basic knowledge of R.