Eric Gunnar Cronstrom

Eric is responsible for administering a wide range of day to day program functions associated with the performance and accountability of CMU partner schools. He ensures that the data the Center utilizes to evaluate school performance is accurate and stored within a sound data infrastructure. He also leverages his wide range of technical skills to lead the development and production of reports and respond to questions regarding school performance and demographic context. Prior to joining the Center, Eric was a database administrator for Central Michigan University Libraries. He has also served as a lecturer at Central Michigan University teaching courses in web design, database design and programming. He earned a master’s degree in information systems management and a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Central Michigan University. He is also pursuing an additional master’s degree in applied statistics at Central Michigan University.

rstudio::global 2021

How we made the switch: a case study on automating a complex report.

January 21, 2021

The Center for Charter Schools at Central Michigan University produces annual reports for about 60 schools.