Heather Nolis

Heather Nolis is a founding member of the AI @ T-Mobile team, focusing the conversion of cutting-edge analyses to real-time, scalable data-driven products. She began her career in neuroscience but once realized how heavily that field relied on software built by other people, she pivoted - deciding to make software herself. You can find her @heatherklus on Twitter, where she speaks about diversity in technology, the ethical implications of data, and cats.

rstudio::conf 2020

We’re hitting R a million times a day so we made a talk about it

January 30, 2020

For the past year, we at T-Mobile have been sludging through production outages, nation-wide product launches, and all of the muck that floods from R models being hit over a million times every day.

rstudio::conf 2019

Push straight to prod API development with R and Tensorflow at T-Mobile

January 24, 2019

When tasked with creating the first customer-facing machine learning model at T-Mobile, we were faced with a conundrum.