Irene Steves

Irene holds an M.Sc. in Ecology and a B.A. in Integrative Biology, through which she first discovered R and data science. Her interest in data led her to the Arctic Data Center at the University of California Santa Barbara, a summer internship at RStudio, and ultimately to the Research & Data Science department at Riskified, where she now explores the complex patterns of fraud in eCommerce. In her free time, she studies Hebrew through podcasts and dubbed kids’ movies.

rstudio::global 2021

The dynamic duo: SQL & R

January 21, 2021

There's a point in every data wranglers' career in which their full dataset can no longer fit into just CSV files, and the journey to database-world begins.

rstudio::conf 2019

Teaching data science with puzzles

January 25, 2019

Of the many coding puzzles on the web, few focus on the programming skills needed for handling untidy data. During my summer internship at RStudio, I worked with Jenny Bryan to develop...