Jonathan Regenstein

Jonathan leads the financial services practice at RStudio and works with data science teams at a variety of financial institutions. He studied International Relations as an undergraduate at Harvard, worked in finance at JP Morgan and then did graduate work in Political Economy at Emory University before joining RStudio. He is the author of the book Reproducible Finance with R: Code Flows and Shiny Apps for Portfolio Analysis (CRC Press, 2018) He is also a regular to contributor to Rviews (


Reproducible Finance with R

November 13, 2018

In this webinar, we will create and code a real (but simple) portfolio analysis in order to explore R's data import, wrangling, and visualization tools in the world of investment management.


Beyond static reports with R Markdown

July 26, 2017

R Markdown is an awesome tool for creating reproducible data science by way of PDFs and HTML reports but also goes way beyond that.