JooYoung Seo

JooYoung Seo is a Ph.D candidate in the Learning, Design, and Technology program at the Pennsylvania State University, and internationally certified accessibility professional whose research and development focuses on accessible computing for all. As an RStudio’s double-certified data science instructor (i.e., Tidyverse + Shiny), who is blind, he is committed to making data science ecosystem more accessible to people with and without dis/abilities using R. To this end, he has been actively contributing to R open-source projects including {shiny}, {rmarkdown}, {bookdown}, and {distill} for accessibility, and interned on the RStudio IDE and Shiny team as an accessibility engineer in summer 2020.

rstudio::global 2021

Accessible Data Science Beyond Visual Models: Non-Visual Interactions with R and RStudio Packages

January 21, 2021

Data science is full of vision-dominant practices, and most data scientists rely heavily on visual models.