Patricia Menéndez

Dr Patricia Menéndez is an Assistant professor at the Department of Econometrics and Business Statistics at Monash University. Patricia’s training is in mathematics and Statistics, and she received her PhD from ETH Zurich in Switzerland. She has been a Mobukagakusho fellow in Japan and has held academic positions in Spain, The Netherlands, and Australia. Before joining Monash University, she has also worked outside of academia as research statistician for the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research in Sydney, and for the Australian Institute of Marine Science. Patricia’s interest is on developing mathematical and statistical methods and has worked on multidisciplinary projects to answer research and policy-making questions in the fields of climate change, environmental and marine sciences besides criminology. Her research is about the development and application of statistical methodology and software to solve real life problems. Dr Menéndez is passionate about teaching and student learning, and she has expertise providing statistical training to audiences in both academic and non-academic environments.

RStudio Cloud Demo

January 1, 0001

Live Demo + Q&A with Mine Cetinkaya-Rundel, Data Scientist and Professional Educator at RStudio - Friday, January 21st at 10am PST

An inclusive solution for teaching and learning R during the COVID pandemic

January 1, 0001

Live Education Session + Q&A with Dr. Patricia Menéndez, Assistant Professor at the Department of Econometrics and Business Statistics at Monash University - Thursday, January 11th at 1pm PST