Thomas Mock

Thomas is the Customer Enablement Lead at RStudio, helping RStudio’s customers be as successful as possible. He is deeply involved in the global data science community, sharing tips on RStats Twitter (find him at @thomas_mock), as co-founder of TidyTuesday, a weekly Data Science learning challenge, and presenting on various Data Science topics on YouTube or at conferences.


Build & Share Data Products Like The World’s Leading Companies with RStudio Team

October 7, 2021

LIVE Demo + Q&A with Enterprise Data Science Expert


RStudio Connect in Production

September 23, 2019

Communicating results can be the most challenging part of Data Science: many insights never leave the laptops where they are discovered. RStudio Connect changes that.


A Gentle Introduction to Tidy Statistics in R

June 12, 2019

R is a fantastic language for statistical programming, but making the jump from point and click interfaces to code can be intimidating for individuals new to R.