Tina Cormier

As a member of the Geoinnovation team at Indigo, Tina works at the nexus of image processing and data science. She helps the team turn raw image feeds from multiple sensors (e.g., MODIS, Landsat, Sentinel) into meaningful features and insights that inform various modeling activities. She works primarily in R, but is also learning Python and Java Script. These tools facilitate activities like crop mapping, field boundary delineation, and QA of data streams going into models. She also spends time building compelling visualizations - maps, graphs, and images - for internal and external partners.

rstudio::conf 2020

Embracing R in the Geospatial Community

January 30, 2020

Geospatial analysts work in a wide range of positions within almost every industry. A typical day may include data prep/cleaning, field work, cartography, image analysis, vector analysis..