Birds of a Feather at rstudio::conf 2019

“At rstudio::conf(2018L) over 60 educators met-up during lunch to connect and exchange ideas on teaching (with) R. One of my best memories is commiserating and reveling about our shared experiences over tacos and guacamole. I look forward to doing the same next year over tex-mex and BBQ!”


Mine Cetinkaya-Rundel
Education Birds of a Feather

“Nearly 100 professionals met at the Saturday evening happy hour to connect and exchange ideas on how R is helping to drive biomedical research, drug discovery & development, clinical initiatives, medical research, reproducible research, regulatory compliance and validation. I’m looking forward to doing the same next year”


Phil Bowsher
Birds of a Feather pharma/healthcare

One of the best parts of rstudio::conf is connecting with people with similar backgrounds, interests, and aspirations.

We plan to host a number of unconf and birds of a feather groups at rstudio::conf(2019L).

Let us know your professional or educational affiliations by answering the questions below and we’ll help ensure the appropriate time and space is made available.