all things R & RStudio

January 11th – 14th 2017


The conference was a success! We’ll have materials and videos posted shortly and we look forward to seeing you next year.

Broaden and deepen your understanding of R and RStudio at rstudio::conf 2018!

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Schedule & Speakers

Thursday, January 12th
Opening Reception 6pm
Cocktails & Registration
Friday, January 13th
Breakfast – Emerald Plaza 8am
Data Science in the Tidyverse
Hadley Wickham
Keynote – General Session 9am
Coffee Break
Building Dashboards with Shiny
Winston Chang
10:15 to 12:30
Happy R Users Purrr
Charlotte Wickham
Lunch Break
Building Better Shiny Apps
What’s new with Shiny
Joe Cheng
1:30 to 1:52 Database Best Practices
Jim Hester
Push-Button Publish in RStudio Connect
Jeff Allen
1:53 to 2:15 R and Spark
Javier Luraschi
Dynamic Shiny Interfaces
Bárbara Borges Ribeiro
2:16 to 2:38 Using Web APIs from R
Amanda Gadrow
Bookmarking Shiny State (Finally!)
Winston Chang
2:39 to 3:00 Competitive Modeling of Outcomes for Prediction
Max Kuhn
Coffee Break
Diving into htmlwidgets
Visiting the Tidyverse
Fun with htmlwidgets:3D interactive network visualization with threejs and R
Bryan Lewis
3:10 to 3:30 Writing Readable Code with Pipes
Bob Rudis
Mapping in R with Leaflet
Bhaskar Karambelkar
3:31 to 3:50 Putting square pegs in round holes: Using list-cols in your dataframe
Jenny Bryan
Linking HTML Widgets with Crosstalk
Joe Cheng
3:51 to 4:10 Text Mining the tidy Way
Julia Silge
Ryan Hafen
4:11 to 4:30 Teaching Introductory Statistics Using the tidyverse via bookdown
Chester Ismay
Coffee Break
Lightning Talks
User Submitted Talks
General Session 4:45 to 5:30
Buses leave the Gaylord for Universal at 7pm. Last bus departs 11:30pm from Universal to Gaylord
Saturday, January 14th
Breakfast – Emerald Plaza 8am
Finding and Telling Stories with R
Andrew Flowers
Keynote – General Session 9am
Coffee Break
Advanced R Markdown
Yihui Xie
10:15 to 12:30
Happy Git and Gihub for the useR
Jenny Bryan
Lunch Break
R Markdown Unleashed
Going Deeper
Opinionated Analysis Development
Hilary Parker
1:30 to 1:54 What’s New with the IDE
Kevin Ushey
Dashboards made easy
Sean Lopp
1:55 to 2:19 RStudio Server Pro Power Tools
Jonathan McPherson
Making Websites with R
Yihui Xie
2:20 to 2:44 Understand Code Performance with the profiler
Winston Chang
Extending & Customizing R Markdown
Yihui Xie
2:45 to 3:07 Extending R with C++: A Brief Introduction to Rcpp
Dirk Eddelbuettel
R Notebook Workflows
Jonathan McPherson
3:08 to 3:30 R’s Role in Data Science
Joseph Rickert
Coffee Break
All Things R and RStudio
Q&A with J.J. Allaire, Hadley Wickham & Joe Cheng
Moderator: Joseph Rickert
Capstone & Closing
General Session 4:00pm

Conference Ends at 5:30pm