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rstudio::conf 2019

The resilient R champion

January 25, 2019 |

Merriam-Webster defines resilience as the ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change. As a Customer Success Representative who works alongside data scientists using RStudio’s...

rstudio::conf 2019

R in production

January 25, 2019 |

With the increase in people using R for data science comes an associated increase in the number of people and organisations wanting to put models or other analytic code into "production".

rstudio::conf 2019

Push straight to prod API development with R and Tensorflow at T-Mobile

January 24, 2019 |

When tasked with creating the first customer-facing machine learning model at T-Mobile, we were faced with a conundrum.

rstudio::conf 2019

Configuration management tools for the R admin

January 23, 2019 |

This talk will feature an introduction to configuration management tools for the Analytic Administra


Administering RStudio Server Pro - use R at scale

May 5, 2016 |

RStudio Server Pro supports project sharing, collaborative editing, multiple versions of R, multiple concurrent R sessions, and many more powerful features.