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Leverage Cloud solutions at scale

Equip students with industry-leading tools

Eliminate both technical and financial challenges

Learn why faculty-centric matters

Data science and programming languages like R and Python are some of the most in demand skills in the world.

Students interested in analytics and professors facilitating curriculums deserve to use industry-leading tools to acquire these skills.

However, it’s challenging to enable this experience in an educational setting, especially at scale.

The traditional tools to facilitate learning analytics simply aren’t great. Students and professors often spend way too much time troubleshooting systems and software, things that are a complete waste of time and detract from the learning experience. Additionally, there are seemingly endless IT hurdles and requirements.

That’s part of the reason we created RStudio Cloud, a brilliantly simple but powerful solution for teaching and learning analytics, especially at scale. RStudio Cloud solves many of the technical and financial challenges associated with teaching analytics. It’s also a joy to use for professors, students, and IT administrators.

In this presentation, Dr. Brian Anderson will discuss the challenges and opportunities associated with leveraging the cloud to deliver analytics instructions at the undergraduate and graduate levels at scale.

Our hope is that you walk away inspired to think about ways you can leverage RStudio and the Cloud to enhance your students' experiences with learning analytics.

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Who Is It For?

We want everyone who is interested to attend. That said, we think the presentation will be particularly valuable if you’d consider yourself:

Professors, Instructors and Teaching Assistants

  • If you want to easily share projects with your class
  • If you teach data science with R & Python
  • If you’d like to avoid trouble shooting with a no-install setup for you and students
  • See how all you need is a browser to share and teach!
  • Avoid the need for extensive IT Support

Dean and Chairs

  • If you are searching for a trustworthy teaching platform for your data literacy programs and courses
  • If you’d like to learn how to have a good return on investment in your institute’s tools and platforms
  • Equip your students with employer in demand skills
  • Reduce the demand on your IT team while giving your school access to fully supported open-source ecosystems

Academic IT Leaders

  • Reduce demand on your team
  • Reduce computational resource constraints
  • Avoid having to scale container orchestration systems such as kubernetes
  • If you're unfamiliar with R or Linux no problem

WorkShop Trainers

  • If you want to easily collaborate and share trainings with your team and org
  • If SSO is a priority for your org
  • Access to professional tools such as RStudio Workbench in the Cloud

About the Speaker

Brian Anderson

Executive Associate Dean, Henry W. Bloch School of Management

Brian is responsible for growing Bloch’s undergraduate and graduate degree programs in scope and in impact. He earned his doctorate in strategic management from the Kelly School of Business at Indiana University. Brian is an Associate Professor in the Department of Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Bloch, and a Visiting Professor in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group at Ghent University, Belgium.

Brian’s research centers on strategic entrepreneurship, focusing on causal inference, measurement issues, and Bayesian treatment of the entrepreneurial orientation and strategic entrepreneurial behavior constructs. Brian’s research appears in the leading entrepreneurship and management journals, and he serves as an Associate Editor for strategic entrepreneurship at Journal of Business Venturing, and on the editorial board of Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice. He teaches in the areas of analytics, data science, and strategy.

Before entering academia, Brian was a technology entrepreneur and worked in government and politics. Beyond his civilian career, Brian served as a Logistics Readiness Officer in the U.S. Air Force Reserve, and earlier as a U.S. Navy Reserve Supply Corps Officer.

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