Alex Gold

Alex is a Solutions Engineer at RStudio, where he helps organizations succeed using R and RStudio products. Before coming to RStudio, Alex was a data scientist and worked on economic policy research, political campaigns, and federal consulting.


How Data Scientists and Security Teams Can Effectively Work Together

October 26, 2021

At a recent RStudio Enterprise Meetup, Gordon Shotwell from Socure shared advice on resolving common tensions between data science and security teams. Through continuous conversation, closed systems for data, and streamlined tools, organizations can set up the relationships and systems needed to be successful.


Managing Packages for Open Source Data Science

February 17, 2021

With over 15,000 R packages on CRAN, over 230,000 on PyPI, and more arriving every day, the task of managing a package environment for data science in R and Python can be daunting.


Enabling Remote Data Science Teams

July 28, 2020

Data science teams face a challenging task: To gain insight from data, and persuade others to make decisions based on those insights.

rstudio::conf 2020

Deploying End-To-End Data Science with Shiny, Plumber, and Pins

January 30, 2020

It’s easier than ever to craft a complete R-centric data science pipeline thanks to packages like Shiny, Plumber, and Pins.