Pedro Silva

Pedro has nearly a decade of experience combining frontend and backend technologies, and is an expert on augmenting R Shiny dashboards with CSS and JavaScript.

Phillip will discuss his organization’s journey in transitioning a set of mixed analytic technologies to using a standardized analytic content platform. This talk will offer real life lessons learned in overcoming organizational barriers, getting stakeholders on board, and running a successful POC.

Scaling & Infrastructure - Why is My Shiny App Slow?

August 10, 2021

Pedro Silva will explore scaling and infrastructure issues common when deploying large scale Shiny apps, and how to overcome them.

rstudio::global 2021

Styling Shiny with CSS & SASS and Speeding Up Shiny Apps

January 21, 2021

In the first part of this talk I will discuss how to use CSS to give your application a fresh and unique look, while keeping your codebase clean and organized with SASS.


Enabling Remote Data Science Teams

July 28, 2020

Data science teams face a challenging task: To gain insight from data, and persuade others to make decisions based on those insights.