Curtis Kephart

Curtis was recently an academic economist researching online communities and markets, conducting behavioral and market-structure experiments. Today, he is a part of RStudio’s efforts to support the R and open-source data-science community of users, developers, consultants, and trainers.


Announcing the 2022 Table Contest

September 16, 2022

We are excited to announce that the 2022 Table Contest starts today! We have been blown away by past submissions and can't wait to see what you do this year.


Automated Survey Reporting With googlesheets4, pins, and R Markdown

June 15, 2022

In this post, we walk through the tools and functionality we used to automate survey results reporting.


RStudio Community Table Gallery

April 25, 2022

We are excited to announce the RStudio Community Table Gallery, showcasing amazing contributions from the R Community.


Winners of the 2021 Table Contest

December 16, 2021

We are excited to announce this year's winners of the 2021 RStudio Table Contest. The community shared some great examples of how to make well-designed and beautiful presentation tables.


Announcing the RStudio 2021 Communications Survey

October 27, 2021

We are announcing the RStudio 2021 Communications Survey! This survey will help us understand your interaction with RStudio communications so that we can provide you information in your desired formats and channels.


An RStudio Table Contest for 2021

September 30, 2021

RStudio Table Contest 2021! We thought the 2020 Table Contest was quite successful (so many great entries!) so we're doing it all again in 2021. We hope, as ever, that this year's iteration of the contest encourages even more sharing and recognition of the many ways people work with and display data in R.


Shiny Apps from Concept to Production - An RStudio Community X-Session with Appsilon

July 27, 2021

Ready to take your Shiny development skills to the next level? This RStudio Community X-Session connects you with the Shiny experts at Appsilon. The two-hour workshop covers development workflows, coding best practices, tips for scaling and infrastructure, and improving your apps' user interface.


Winners of the 2020 RStudio Table Contest

December 23, 2020

Tables are a fantastic way to communicate lists of quantitative and qualitative information. To help celebrate them, and to encourage the R community to share great examples with code and tutorials, we've hosted the 2020 Table Contest. This year's contest has been a smashing success. Let's have a look at the winners and honourable mentions.


2020 Table Contest Deadline Extended

October 30, 2020

The original deadline for the Table Contest was scheduled for October 31. Given requests and very interesting data becoming available next week, we're extended the deadline by two weeks to November 14.


Announcing the 2020 RStudio Table Contest

September 15, 2020

Today we announce the 2020 RStudio Table Contest. One thing we love about the R community is how open and generous you are in sharing the code and process you use to solve problems. This lets others learn from your experience and invites feedback to improve your work. We hope this contest encourages more sharing, and helps to recognize the many outstanding ways people work with and display data in R.


R & RStudio - The Interoperability Environment for Data Analytics

August 17, 2020

From design philosophies to current development priorities, R with RStudio is a wonderful environment for anyone who seeks understanding through the analysis of data. Here's why.